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Brat Tail Light.

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Because the forum I’m on doesn’t allow links to Google photo, I’ll put this here and link to it instead. They thought they could defeat me…

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Super Chicken Yell… In Blue.

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Bakka Bakka Bakka Bakka  Bakka Bakka Bakka   Bakka Bakka Bakka Bakka  Bakka Bakka Bakka  Baaaaaaak…. B’Coooooooock!!!!!! 

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For Shi Jaramillo

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  Happy Freaking Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

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Mary Alexander: Sept 18, 1932 – August 29, 2015.

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I just got word that my wonderful Mom passed away this morning. We knew this was coming soon, but was not expecting it so soon. I’m still numb to the news. As happened when Dad died, it took a few days for me to really grieve. I’m expecting the same with Mom. It will happen […]

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Murphy, the $500 1987 Subaru Turbo Wagon, FINALLY got the intercooler treatment! Interesting the difference in the acceleration. Coan’t say that I notice much difference at lower RPMS. In fact, I think I have a wee bit more turbolag. Bit once I hit 3000 RPM, which was approaching the upper useful acceleration range, now it […]

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My Car Broke Down…. YES!!!!!!

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I know, normally one wouldn’t be happy about experiencing such things. But, since I just spent the last week and a half on a 2000 mile plus sojourn to Gig harbor Washington and back, including the drive down the spectacular but very-far-from-civilization Coast highway 101 from Washington to California, well…. Lets just say that having […]

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No Posts For A While….

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Got family stuff I’ve been taking care of. Not a huge emergency, but time consuming. I will be back soon enough.

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Guitar… So Far.

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Just a quick update. Played with a bunch of musicians up at Bill Hunter’s Auberry mountain hide-a-way. What a fantastic bunch of musicians we have in this area. It’s late and I’m on my Kindle… Typing iz a bear on this thing. Will write more and post a couple of pics tomorrow.

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How’d You Spend the Money?

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I believe this may be doctored; it’s funny, none-the-less.  The thing is, you have to wait until the very end for the punchline.  Why I find it funny only speaks to my juvenile nature. via The Daily

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