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National Coming Out Day

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Today is National Coming Out day. Most straight people have no idea of the emotional pain one suffers when they can not live life as the person they are because society has told us all our lives our needs and desire to love and be loved by someone is wrong / a sin / evil […]

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I’m gonna try not to go into any detail, but my heart hurts. I have a long time friend who is suddenly having very serious health issues. We’ve been friends for 30 plus years and have a lot of good history. We’ve talked some about what is going on, but not enough apparently. I was […]

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Culture. It’s a strange elusive thing to conceptualize and grasp its importance and effect on our lives. I’ve never been or felt the part of a Patriot. I went to church as a kid but never bought in. I’m a gay man, but I’ve never felt connected to the “gay culture” as it were. A […]

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Why They Lost?

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This is one reason why. Don’t introduce people in court who claim they are experts before you double check to make sure they are, in fact, an expert.

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Bad Memes.

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I love dumb memes. Here’s one I came across tonight. The idea that Hunter Biden has no energy industry experience has long been a talking point for the right when attacking him and his service on the Burisma board of directors. I’ve challenged people to pick at random 20 BOD’s of companies to see how […]

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Archived For Rich Merritt

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“Who knew we shouldn’t reopen everything on May 1st? Nobody knew. No one saw a second wave coming.” ~Donald J. Trump July 3rd, 2020

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I’m just testing to see if my links to outside media will work now. I was having problems before and i figured being home with a bad cold is a perfect time to fix any problems. What about this? Mapping the virus spread.

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So, I’m home today, essential services be damned. Why? It appears I have a mild cold or flu. Runny nose, sneezing sometimes, bit of a sore throat. I do have a little bit of a cough, but it’s a “wet” cough. I mention that because the cough that develops in a Covid infection is a […]

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Don’t Dream…

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Or do dream, if you wish.

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That Time The Giant Elephant Attacked Florida, Georgia, AND Alabama!!!!

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