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Writers Blah… Part 2

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Yep, still can’t get motivated to write anything….  Although I did start something on the turmoil in Europe yesterday. I may finish that today given the time.   Politics???? Meh! Kind of boring right now.  I’m sure something wi,ll happen soon enough that peaks my interest. But, right now, it’s boring me to tears.   There are […]

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Security Hole Found In YouPorn

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Really. The most interesting thing about this story is…. There is apparently something called “YouPorn”, and it apparently has a “security hole”! Huh! Who knew!!!!! So many potential jokes… So little time. PS. You probably don’t want to Google it. I’m shocked that it’s so wide open to the casual viewer on first link.

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Colorful Newt!

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From this article making the rounds today: “Broadly speaking, this seems typical for Gingrich’s career: His ideas on the big issues are standard-issue conservatism, and they’re mixed in with occasional flights of fancy (illuminate highways using orbiting mirrors that reflect moonlight),”…. Speaker Moonbeam!!!! 🙂

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Christopher Hitchens Has Succumbed To Cancer.

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Sad to report that we have lost one of the most dynamic voices of our generation. With the exception of being an ardent atheist, he was impossible to pin down and categorize as belonging to any one political movement or ideology. He truly called them as he saw them. Without question, he truly was his […]

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Odo Odo? What Tha…..

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Ah… The Good Ol’ Days!

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RareForm, at its finest!!!

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Great Ironies Of Life..

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Blog post originally titled “When Sour Lies Below The Sweet.”. No, this isn’t a post about candy…. Though I should do one of those. This is one of those “Huh, go figure” revelations. The guy who wrote the sickly syrupy 70 ballad “You Light Up My Life”, given the honor of being the # 1 song of […]

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Arnold’s Love Child – Revealed!!!!

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Tuesday’s Random Thoughts….

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… I got nothin’…. No… Wait… I got somethin’…. Ready…. Here it goes…. THE RENT IS TOO DAMNED HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday October 19th, 2010 in Uncategorized | 5 Comments »

Monday’s Random Thoughts

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The gig at Tachi Palace was a blast!. I had no idea you could put so many blinky lights on a PT Cruiser! Saw the movie RED this week-end. It was fun. Helen Mirren stole the show. My mother-in-law dodged a bullet. She redoing her roof. It rained to the north of us. It rained […]