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Did Steve Jobs Doom Himself By Chosing Alternative Medicine????

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Dr Ramzi Amri, of Harvard Medical School seems to think so. One thing I do find interesting is this very unscientific observation…. Liberals love to call Conservatives unscientific, mainly because Conservatives tend to give Creationism some weight, and have skeptical views of Global Warming. Meanwhile, it seems to me that it is liberals who are […]

If This Was Climate Science…

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Particles that can go faster than the speed of light???? Nope. This is false. It goes against the scientific consensus. This goes against the model predictions. Sorry, but if you believe this, you are a special relativity denier! Signed: James Hansen and All Gore.   Note –  This is almost certainly a measurement error, but […]

AlGorealized And Demoralized! The Day After “Reallity”!!!

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Right now, Al Gore is doing his “24 Hours Of Alternate Reality”, where he has a media feed set up to stream from all parts of the globe to once again lecture us about global warming.   The goal? To scare the BeJesus out of everybody and change the way we live and  become a […]

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Science FAIL!!!! The Dynamic Duo!

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First… Prince Charles, who just the other day said this: Despite campaigning for years on global warming, he said climate change was not the only problem but merely speeding up the “rapacious” destruction of natural resources like water, land and food that humans need to survive. Got any proof of that???  Besides the old “it’s […]

Monday September 12th, 2011 in Global Warming Hysteria | 1 Comment »

Giving A Friend Some Help

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Error Bars!

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Why Climate Science Is In Hell, Pt… I lost count!

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First, there was this: Now…. This. This is just embarrassing… And comes off as desperate. Who thought this would be a good idea? This is NOT the way to win hearts and minds. Someone has to sit down with some of these folks and tell them to stop this Sh*t before it completely destroys what […]

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Sound The Alarm!!!…… Revisited.

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I came across this climate story searching for something else, but I find it interesting enough to comment on.  Here is the title. World’s leading scientists in desperate plea to politicians to act on climate change The world’s leading scientists yesterday issued a desperate plea to politicians to act on climate change, amid warnings that […]

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And In The “Good Luck With That” File

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EU to ban cars in major Euro cities by 2050! Seriously????   I would LOVE to see you try and implement this! PS.  You chicken sh*t politicians!!!! Why not implement this now instead of putting it off for thirty-nine years, when you’ll be long gone from the political scene and will not have to bare any responsibility […]

Global Warming “Oops”… And Contradictions.

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Kilimanjaro has long been a “poster boy” for Anthropogenic Global Warming. The doomed mountain glaciers theme was echoed in 2009 by the ever reliable Huffington Post on the eve of the upcoming Copenhagen Climate Conference To Save The World! The snows of Kilimanjaro may soon be gone. The African mountain’s white peak – made famous […]

Monday March 21st, 2011 in Global Warming Hysteria | 1 Comment »

Defunding The IPCC – A View From A “Denier”.

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Atmospheric Scientist Dr Roy Spencer, who also maintains and administers one of the two official satellite gathered climate / temperature archives, has this to say about the recent Republican proposal to defund the U.S. obligation to the IPCC. The climate change deniers have no one but themselves to blame for last night’s vote. I’m talking […]