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New Song… Whiskey Dick Blues!

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Inspired by a facebook conversation between my friends and wonderful musicians Mike Whitten and Pieter Moredyk. Yeah, it’s a blues thing, and yeah… It’s kind of naughty! “””Couldn’t get it up this morningTo keep my woman satisfiedCouldn’t get it up this morningTo keep my woman satisfiedThat juice last night it zapped meLaid low my fleshy […]

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YouTube Banter…. “Wankers”??????

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Today I discovered, not only does Paul Simon have a son, but he sings and plays and sounds a lot like his dad. That shouldn’t be a surprise… But, for someone, that’s a knock against this musician. “Like Farther like son… too much of a copy sound-a-like for me… There is only one Paul Simon… […]

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A New Song – The Ballad Of Sasquatch!

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It’s my first new whole song I’ve written in a while… Not counting the two I’ve had on the back burner since January. This is as much about songwriting as it is about getting more comfortable using the Presonus recording software Studio on. I’ve owned it for about two year, but haven’t really taken the […]

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Is The Electric Guitar Dead?????

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I was reading a review of the new Bowie album, and came across this quote: It’s also probably worth noting that the four-piece rock band itself, and especially the electric guitar — that bastion and symbol of late-sixties rebellion — has grown long in the tooth. It’s been nearly 50 years since Hendrix, and though […]

Not Safe For Work!

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Again. I warn you. Not Safe For Work! I mean it. Really Not Safe For Work! But I feel compelled to post it! But, again, Not Safe For Work! You have been warned.

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YouTube Banter! Tellin’ It Like It Is… Will Be!

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just LOL .. im 50 and about dead and? love to listen to this and you kids are arguing about shit… before you know it time will make you 50 too and you will be like WTF happened i was so young.. hahahaha I love it… fucking kids.

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Somethimes, Good Things Happen! Part 387,279

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Sometimes, things come together without planning. My duo group, Taylor-Martin, my project with Jim Rust, has grown! With the addition of Jorge Apsey, we are now a trio, and Laurel Canyon is born! As the historical name implies, we are modeling our sound after the bands that came out of that area – CSNY, Byrd’s, […]

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Happy Thanksgiving Day Everyone!!!

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U.S.S. Titanic Update!

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So…. How was your Tuesday? Yesterday was one of those hectic days. Work was backed up due to Monday’s rain. I installed a heat exchanger on a heater, and that took longer than I thought it would. got home with just enough time to string the Taylor… Oh, if only I had only strung it! […]

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Singing…. A couple of bits of advise.

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First off, let make sure that no one mistakes me for a vocal coach. I am not. I’ve had some vocal training when I was studying to be an actor and broadcaster, both of which I never ended up doing as a career. That training gave me some valuable instruction on how to use my […]

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