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NFL Thoughts.

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New Orleans is for real. Bengals are for real. The Chiefs may be. My Chargers are not. New York Giants are for real… Really bad. As I predicted last season, Colin Kaepernick was going to struggle this year.  I’ve sen this a billion times. A new young quarterback is thrust into the starter spot… And […]

Sunday September 22nd, 2013 in Sports And Leisure | No Comments »

Haven’t Done Sports In A While… Sports… Tim Tebow Edition. And A Little YouTube Banter.

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First… Here’s Skip Bayless extolling the greatness that is Tim Tebow. He hadn’t played a snap for the Patriots. Second… Here’s Skip Bayless extolling the greatness that is Tim Tebow. He had taken a snap. And now that he’s played a few preseason games for the Pats? Why does everyone rag on Tim Tebow??? Well. […]

Thursday August 29th, 2013 in Sports And Leisure, YouTube Banter! | 1 Comment »

The Hoax, And What It Shows About The Media, And Us.

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By now you’ve all heard about the Manti Te’o hoax. Details so far are here. I’m not going to go into details about the hoax, as this is just breaking and I’m sure there is much more that will come out.  Here is the point I want to touch on. Within, and outside of the […]

A Blast From My Past!

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  A diving score card, circa 1980-ish. My best score was on dive 5111, which is a from drive with a half twist. On twisty dives, I used to throw the very unusual reverse dive in layout with a half twist, dive 5311. In all my years of diving, I was as far as I […]

Friday August 31st, 2012 in Life, Sports And Leisure | 2 Comments »

Packers Win Super Bowl!!!!!

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BTW… This IS my favorite MST3000.

Monday February 7th, 2011 in Sports And Leisure | 3 Comments »

Scotsman Loses Austrailian Open

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Well Duh!!!!!

Sunday January 30th, 2011 in Sports And Leisure, Stupidity / Satire | 1 Comment »

Eeks… I Agree With Al Davis?????

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He wants to keep Jason Cambell as quarterback for the Raider… And, judging by the performance numbers, I  — ugh —  agree. Satan, you better put on those ice skates!

Wednesday November 10th, 2010 in Sports And Leisure | 1 Comment »

The Republican “Pledge To America” Is Out.

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Yawn…. A party regurgitating old material, pretending that it’s new. And what’s with the term pledge? Feels squishy. Too much like a promise, which are made to be broken. Couldn’t they have found a more solid term to use? At least a contract seems like it has some weight to it… unless you’re dealing with […]

Thursday September 23rd, 2010 in Politics / Law Stuff, Sports And Leisure | No Comments »

In Passing…. Don Coryell

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The great San Diego head coach has left the field. As a kid,   I was not really a fan of football until I started watching the Air Coryell Chargers play. His offenses changed the way that football was played.

Friday July 2nd, 2010 in Sports And Leisure | No Comments »

I’m Doing This Today….

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Plus, going to see a movie… Oh, and play me some drums.

Sunday April 11th, 2010 in Music / Video, Sports And Leisure | No Comments »