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Name It!

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OK. This is my little studio, such as it is, where most of my little solo album thingy is being recorded. But, I just realized, all studio’s are named! The Beatles had Abbey Road…. Elvis used Sun Studios… Hendrix, the Record Plant Genesis recorded at Hit and Run… My studio doesn’t have a name…. What […]

Plenty Of Big Government To Go Around!

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Due to the brain-washing that goes along with politics, some people just have these blind spots when it comes to certain topics, driving them to mental paralysis when it comes to recognizing problems. For both Liberals AND Conservatives. the effect of government regulations on businesses is a sticky wicket. I can hear some of my […]

Thursday September 1st, 2011 in Bass's And Guitars, Economics, Stupid Government | 1 Comment »

What Bass Player Am I????

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You Scored as John Paul Jones You are Led Zeppelins John Paul Jones! You are very calm and often content. You are very skilled with many instruments and don’t mind to sit still while your buddys are running around and enjoying themselves, mind you that doesn’t stop you from being a big part of the […]

Friday July 8th, 2011 in Band Stuff, Bass's And Guitars | 2 Comments »

My Bass Rig, Mid 2011.

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Some things come and go, some things stay the same.   Here is what my bass stuff,  Circa 2009 – 2010 looked like. The green Yamaha RBX750 is gone (bro-in-law now has it), and the red Peavey Dynabass 4 string is, unofficially, for sale for $200.

Sunday July 3rd, 2011 in Band Stuff, Bass's And Guitars | 3 Comments »


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Here’s one for my friend and uke player Pieter Mordyk. He’s going to shit when he sees this!!!! I know of so many bass players who have also either taken up the mandolin, as I have, or the ukulele. What is it with bass players adopting tiny instruments anyway??? Stolen from yet another Bass blog.

Tuesday June 28th, 2011 in Band Stuff, Bass's And Guitars | No Comments »

Me On TV!!!!! UPDATE # 1

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“Love Still Reigns” – Acoustic Highway! This is an original song performed by my band Acoustic Highway on the KMPH Great Day morning show on April 22nd. I’ve not had time to polish up the vid presentation, but wanted to get it out there. Should have the titles and editing cleaned up by tomorrow. More […]

Wednesday May 4th, 2011 in Band Stuff, Bass's And Guitars | 4 Comments »

Because Someone Wanted To See My Bass Rig….

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My bass rig!!!! Me playing my bass rig.   My outdoor rig: Peavey BassMax preamp Behringer BassExtender Crest Amp, 300 per channel / 600 bridged Old “FrogCrossing” 65 VOX cab w/ 8ohm Peavey Black Widow speaker. Old fashioned patch bay…. Completely useless…  But it looks cool!!!  :bassist:

Monday April 11th, 2011 in Band Stuff, Bass's And Guitars | No Comments »

One For Cliffie

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Because I haven’t posted anything for him for a while… Mark Hart… Bleeding shreds on the twelver!!!! And Paul “Hessie” Hester on the skins… your talent is sorely missed… RIP. All these guys should be household names. PS. They are in my household.

It’s Alive. It’s Alive! It’s Alive!!!!

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Here is one of the songs I performed on Friday night… Without my bass… Just me and my awesome Taylor 614CE, strumming and sing as if I were a somebody! All alone on stage! All by my little lonesome… First time… Ever! What? How did this happen??? When did I become a guitardist??? After all, […]

Tuesday December 14th, 2010 in Band Stuff, Bass's And Guitars, Music / Video | No Comments »

Wooten Was AWESOME!!!!!!

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Yes! I go to see and meet bass extraordinares Victor Wooten and Anthony Wellington!!!!I have to work now, but later, I’ll reflect on a few of the things I learneded!