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The New Honey Boo Boo’s – Mormon Homosexuals.

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  So… The “Learning” Channel… Not having the Honey Boo Boo freaks to kick around anymore, have found a new set of freaks for us to gawk at… Homosexual Mormon men who marry straight women! Yay! This should be a ratings bonanza!!!!… Not. I would have loved to have been in the room when someone […]

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War And The Innocent. Can We Have One Without Killing The Other????

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Warning – Long political post that’s going to anger a few people. OK. I’m going to piss off some of my friends right now, but I have to speak my mind. In the last couple of days, the attention of the worlds had turned back on the good folk of ISIS, ISIL, the Caliphate, or […]

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More Iraq War Revisonist History… From A Historian Complaining About Revisionist History.

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Victor Davis Hanson has a piece out with the headline “Revisionist History Prevails on Iraq Invasion“. Yes. It does. But it’s who is doing it that is the problem. VDH writes: “Do we remember that Bill Clinton signed into law the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 that supported regime change in Iraq? He gave an […]

A Hero

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I never went into the military. They courted me as I was getting done with high school. But then, it was the cold war, and I lived in a military town. They courted everyone. I didn’t join because I figured I wouldn’t get in anyway due to my poor eyesight. I also had no self […]

Monday December 30th, 2013 in Gay., Honesty, Life | 1 Comment »

Mandela Wanted To “Kill The Whites!”….

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Um… No. He didn’t. That’s the claim being made by many lunatics on the web… I love the Mandela is “The Che Guevara Of Africa” bit… Can’t leave out World Net Daily… They just have to get their digs in… And probably now former supporters of Ted Cruz. To a person, they cite a video […]

Cognitive Dissonance…. The Tea Party “Oops” Edition… Part 2

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Remember how a slew of Conservative¬† / Tea Party talking head went into a tizzy last month saying that President Obama had, with a the stroke of a pen, exempted Congress from Obamacare? Here’s a remind if this passed you by. Barack Obama hasn’t become known for his bold style of leadership. Even the lapdog […]

Changing Minds… My Thoughts On FISA Seven Years Ago

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I find it interesting how people change their minds and views on things. I thought that I’d always been against this program, but I’m wrong in that recollection. That’s the cool thing about blogging and commenting on other blogs. Having the ability to search and find old comments on topics is kind of cool…. An […]

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My Latest Song…. “The Cost Of Freedom”.

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It only took 27 years from the time I started it to finishing it this week! I’m pretty sure this is one of the ones I came up with while riding my bike the ten miles from Mesa College to my house when I lived in San Diego. The ** indicates the bit that has […]

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Giving A Democrat “Some Love”… Double Whammy Style! UPDATE

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And when I say “Love”, I mean attention, and not in a good way. ¬†republicans have been feeling the wrath of Sonicfrog, now it’s a Democrat’s turn. Elizabeth Warren is trying to capture the Mas Senate seat now occupied by Republican Scott Brown. ¬†She came off as the working class defender in her first ad, […]

Friday September 28th, 2012 in Honesty, News Critique, Politics / Law Stuff | 9 Comments »

The First Song I Ever Wrote.

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It’s called “Insanity”. As I said, it was the first song I ever wrote. My song writing journey started when I was about thirteen. So, I’m 47 now. That means it took some 34 years to complete this song! Many if not most of the songs I’ve written over the years are incomplete. In the […]

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