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In The Face Of Death – Pt 1

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There is a new documentary about HIV and the AIDS epidemic that surfaced in the 1980’s called “How To Survive A Plague“. Andrew Sullivan contracted the virus in the mid 80, and writes of some of his experiences; the fear of dying, watching your friends die, and getting up, protesting, and actually making a difference. […]

Wednesday June 20th, 2012 in Honesty, Life | 2 Comments »

Quote Of The Day.

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From Pat Robertson: Mr. Robertson said he enjoyed a glass of wine now and then — “When I was in college, I hit it pretty hard, but that was before Christ.” Dang… I knew Pat Robertson was old… But I didn’t think he was THAT old!!!! 🙂 All kidding aside, this is one of the […]

Thursday March 8th, 2012 in Honesty, Life | 1 Comment »

Creating The Optimum Curcumstances For A Compromise?

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That’s what White House Press Secretary Jay Carney says Obama is doing to help resolve the debt limit crisis. Judging from where we are today, and the nasty press conference he had to endure today, I’m thinking their strategy for bringing about “the optimum circumstances for a compromise” needs to be scrapped… And quick! The […]

Songwriting – A Personal Challenge.

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Since I’ve been learning to play guitar, I have been promising everyone and their mothers dog that I was going to drag out my old lyric books and start recording some songs. I’ve been promising that for well over a year to my band-mates in both Acoustic Highway and Jim in Taylor Martin.. And to […]

Tuesday July 26th, 2011 in Band Stuff, Honesty, Music / Video | No Comments »

Sometimes… Expect The Unexpected!

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UK Green columnist George Monboit wrote this! You will not be surprised to hear that the events in Japan have changed my view of nuclear power. You will be surprised to hear how they have changed it. As a result of the disaster at Fukushima, I am no longer nuclear-neutral. I now support the technology. […]

New Sonicfrog Feature – YouTube Banter!

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I love YouTube. It’s glorious waste of time! And sometimes, buried within the comments, which are just rich with humor, invectives, silliness.. are unspoken truths! Here’s one from a Squeeze video. i’m 25 years? old and i understand why you would say that, but give us a chance….seriously some of us are ok and besides […]

Climate Debate Reboot!

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Hurricane / Climate Scientist Judith Curry wonders what it would be like if the two camps in the climate science debate, the skeptics and the warmists, would stop yelling at each other and find some common ground. Note that her post does not cover those who simply do not believe that either there is any […]

Japan Says “iie” To Kyoto

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The treaty, not the city! (“iie” is Japanese for “no” by the way). What do the Japanese mean by “No”? “Japan will not inscribe its target under the Kyoto protocol on any conditions or under any circumstances.” Wow! Not a lot of wiggle room there! I guess the Japanese got ticked that they didn’t win […]

The Left Versus Self Awareness

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It’s funny; in a week where a liberal black man gets fired by white extremist neo-tolerant liberals for expressing and dealing with his inner fears about Muslims and terrorism, the same extremist neo-tolerant liberal types are wringing their hands analyzing the cognitive biases within the Tea Party movement, desperately trying to understand why it’s become […]

Sunday October 24th, 2010 in Honesty, Journalism, Politics / Law Stuff | No Comments »

Good For Him

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Back in the 90’s, when I was trying to get right in my head the reality, and finality, that I am gay, I often used the Serenity Prayer to help me move forward accepting this aspect of my life. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the […]

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