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YouTube Banter – The Hazards Of Listening To Tommy Emmanuel.

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the only thing i learned from this masterclass is how bad i suck? at guitar. Everyone who saw this threw their guitars out? the window. and someone else? got hit buy a guitar flying out a window. And finally… A bunch of guitars saw this and threw their players out the window…. Which is why […]

The Persistence Of Fame (and a smattering of YouTube Banter)

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Ever heard of Sixto Rodriguez? Neither had I. But his album 1970 debut album “Cold Fact” apparently did not ever completely go away. Oh, it never took hold as a music masterpiece here in the United States, but apparently it was HUGE in apartheid South Africa, where the themes of political and racial injustice struck […]

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YouTube Banter…. I’m Not Lion!

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“my lion style is stronger then your lion? style” “let’s see here. your? wearing BLACK&WHITE hmmmmm…ZEBRA!!!!!!” And finally: “The lion did not see any lion form in your martial arts, so it decided? to attack you. Lion: “I see a pig, die mother F&*%#4”

Tuesday August 7th, 2012 in YouTube Banter! | 1 Comment »

YouTube Banter – The Bearded Dragon Edition!

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This is not from the comments as I normally feature, but from the video itself. “I don’t want it to run… I just want it to die!” Best… YouTube… Quote… EVER!

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YouTube Banter! “How Did I Get Here”!

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No answers to that, just some YuoTube funness!   You may find yourself disliking this video. And you may ask yourself, “My God, what have I done?” I thought they changed this video but it’s the same as it ever was.   see all

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YouTube Banter!

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Quote:   “Did I just see Jackie Chan kill Jesus?” Yes Sir… I believe you did!!!!!

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YouTube Banter Of The Day!

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Have no idea if this is true… But I’d like it to be!!!! i got pulled over for playing this song too loud in my car the other day and i told the cop i was? blasting AC/DC and he didnt give me a ticket because he said thats the only way to listen to […]

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Conflict Of Ownership To The Max!!!!!! (and more YouTube banter)

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Some more video of the “enlightened masses” that make up the majority of the Occupy [insert city here] movement. He’s holding a sign that says “Hitler’s Bankers” but he states over and over again Wall Street is controlled by “The Jews”… So, Which Is It???… Are the Jews controlling the banks… Or is it Hitler?…. […]

We Are The Borg… Resistance is Futile…. (plus, some great YouTube banter!)

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This… Reminds me of this… Of course, there’s this! Now, the YouTube Banter: Anyone else struck by how they took 10+ minutes discussing “how they feel about the idea of letting Lewis speak” when Lewis probably could have said everything he wanted to say in 7? Good, but this wins the prize! I would like […]

Monday October 10th, 2011 in Stupidity / Satire, YouTube Banter! | 3 Comments »

Strange YouTube Banter.

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“lol… why the 69, Mr. IBM” Why??? It makes no sense considering the dark rocking goodness of the song on which the comment was found. I guess I’m trying to make sense of the world where there is none.

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