12:55 AM

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… Should be in bed by now, snuggling with the mate. One thing that is on my mind right now is the status of my Fresno band Chris Plays Guitar. The band is fine, it’s the “Chris” part that is perplexing. You see, he’s sorta gone AWOL from the band. He now lives and works in Modesto (yes, the “Scott Peterson / Garry Condit” Modesto), which is an hour and a half north. He move from here to there a few months back, and had every intention of staying in the band. All of us in the band understand the difficulties of having to drive a long distance to participate in band affairs. Hell, my other band is in San Diego, 348 long miles away. We are trying to be patient and have given Chris lots of leeway. But we have been trying to contact him for several days but have had no response. He’s MIA. We have some $$$$$$ gigs booked in the very near future and need to know if he will be able to make practices, cause you DON’T want to sound like crap at a paying gig, or any other for that matter. I hate to think that we will have to replace him, but if he can’t at least communicate with us and give us some word on his availability, well, we may have no other choice.

P.S. This is (hopefully) a link to my band.
Chris Plays Guitar

PPS. this post has been edited (Feb, 4, 2005) to correct spelling and link error.