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Hat Tip: GP.

My Year In Review

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As of yesterday, I have been blogging for exactly one year. I can’t really remember exactly why I started my blog, but I’m pretty sure it was because I had been reading several other blogs – Sully, BoiFromTroy, friend and former CPG drummer Brian Zera, Volokh, maybe Gay Patriot – and wanted to get in on the action. Plus, since I was starting school AGAIN, this time pursuing a Masters in Education, I thought that keeping a blog would provide the perfect opportunity to improve my spelling, typing and communication skills. Man was I wrong about that! OK, my typing skills have definitely improved, my spelling has gotten better (somewhere, my classmate Donna is freaking out at the thought that my spelling was even worse than it is now), but the one that worries me is the communication part. It’s not that I can’t communicate well (some would say this is arguable), it’s that there are almost no visitors to “Sonicfrog” to communicate with (thank you sleepybomb and Sarah for checking in from time to time)…

Whoops. I sound like I’m whining over lack of traffic. OK. I AM! But it’s my blogday and I’ll cry if I want to!

Well. Enough of all that. I decided to go through the years worth of posts and link to the ones I like the best:

January: The first post. I never was comfortable writing the term “netizen”. It’s an awkward term. Note that it took almost twenty days to figure out how to post a picture, create a link in html, and realize the spell checking applet featured with Blogspot was being blocked by the web browser.

February: My first post linked by another blogger. My little brother didn’t get this post at all.

March: Posted music from my old band “Juni Moon“. 40’th birthday. Found the website “Caption This“. A favorite musician leaves our mortal world.

April: Thoughts on Canada. more band stuff, this time from San Diego. This post featured the most color of any post I’ve ever composed.

May: The whole month was, almost without exception, all about Murphy – the $500 Turbo Wagon I rebuilt.

June: Got my first taste of annoying automated blog advertisers that post in the comments. At first I thought I had new visitors, but soon realized the comment were nothing more than pop-up ads.

July: Music and Politics. Got into a heated discussion with Sarah.

August: Judy! Used the blog for school purposes. Cool!

: The month was bookmarked by pics of my favorite people. OK, one is Miss Bird, but she might as well be people. Revealed the true extent of my geekness, and found Robbie, who would later become 1/2 of The Malcontent.

October: Posted my first out-of-town post. Started my Top Ten Albums list. This was number 10. Still haven’t posted # 9. Found out I am a Libertarian. Duh!

November: Lots of Politics. Murtha loses. UN looses. Arnold looses. Two out of three ain’t bad.

December: Hodge-podge of stuff. Did my best “Caption This” homage. More Iraq support. Yes, there were elections over there. And I end the year horsin’ around!

Well, that’s it for last year. My next post will be about my resolutions for this year. Thank to those who take time to check out my blog and hope you have a happy New Year.