"The WMF vulnerability probably affects more computers than any other security vulnerability, ever." or Why I'm Glad I Use Linux

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To those who might be wondering what the hell I was doing posting strange, geeky, tech-head comments on your blogs, or sending e-mails about security flaws, and are checking to see if I had lost my rocker? I can assure you I have not….

OK. Maybe just a little, but that was long ago in a far-away land.

I’m just tryin’ to look out for my Peeps! Dig?

But this is no joke. If you are using ANY version of Windows (XP, ME, NT, 2000, 98, 95, 3.1), you need to download and apply the SECURITY PATCH featured in the green box. There is a huge vulnerability in the coding that lets you view pictures using windows. All web browsers and e-mail clients will at various times access this code to perform different imaging tasks. This is a BIG FAT SECURITY RISK that can’t be blocked with a firewall or anti-virus software. There is more info HERE.

My favorite quote from the previous link: “Turns out this is not really a bug, it’s just bad design. Design from another era”.

This fix will disable the Microsoft Picture Viewer feature, but there is a safer alternative HERE.

PS. If the Hyperlinks don’t work, here are the URL’s from above:




PPS. If you are using either Mac OSX or any of the Linux OS’s, you can smile and go on your merry way ’cause this, as is usually the case, does not affect you. I.O.W. – DUMP WINDOWS AND USE MAC OSX OR LINUX! IT’S SAFER!!!

Hat Tip: Loe Laporte, Steve Gibson, and Digg.