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Samuel Alito is a racist bigot for being a member of CAP, which published a magazine containing a satirical essay that Teddy mistakes as serious

…does that mean that all subscribers to the LA Times are ungrateful, anti-military, pacifist, elitist, isolated, hypointellectuals who knows nothing of the world in which he lives???

I’m just asking.

My blog friend at Miserable Donuts has thoughts.

PS. I do thank Joel for his honesty.

PPS. Notice I didn’t rag on him for being rich??? I want to be rich!

Is The Free Ride Over?

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While surfing the web for some random and unrelated bit of information, I stumbled across this little unhappy bite of news. It looks like the GAO has found a way around the Internet Tax Freedom Act, passed in 1998. It was moratorium intended to limit taxation on goods purchase over the internet, which helped fuel the initial internet boom. It was one the better bipartisan bills passed by the otherwise fractious Clinton / Gingrich led government. The loophole concerns something they call “acquired services” (i.e. wires, modems, servers and the like). How long will it take before a congressman proposes a tax to take advantage of this loophole? In this anti-spendthrift, money-hungry congress, probably not long. This could affect anyone who uses the net. I wonder how much finding “little unhappy bites of news” will cost me in the future?

PS. My bad. It won’t be a tax. It will be a FEE!!!