My Thoughts On "Live Goreth"!

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OK. So, let me see if I have this right. Despie the fact that every time I turn on the TV or radio, log onto the net, or pick up a newspaper or magazine, and see or read or hear of the calamitous doom that we now, or will in the future, face due to Global Warming, someone has spent millions of dollars to fund thousands upon thousands of semi trucks spewing tons of CO2 and asthma causing particulates, that have delivered tons of electronic amplification and lighting equipment that use jigawatts of electicity, which will be use by mega-rich Porsche driving Rock Stars, for an event attended by hundreds of thusands of people who flew from all parts of the world to other parts all over the world emitting God knows how much CO2, CO, and Ozone layer destroying NOx into the atmosphere, and watched by Two Billion People using energy demanding TV’s powered by coal and fossil fuel burning power plants that emit tons of CO2, all in order to promote Al Gore’s Strealth Presidential Bid, er, stage a Mega Rock Concert in order to chastize the rest of the world for not doing enough to curtail harmful emissions such as CO2, CO, particulates, and NOx, that damage the enviroment, cause illness, and cause Global Warming, and otherwise raise our awareness of Global Warming, even though I read, see, and hear about it every freaking minute of the day. Do I have that right?

Isn’t this like raising awareness of the devastation caused by anthropogenic forest fires by holding the biggest drunken smore-fest, weenie-roast, and wanna-be hippie-sing-along bonfire in the history of man in the Sequia National Forest in the middle of a summer heat wave…

Oh, but they’re bringing in thousands upon thousands of extra recycle bins, hauled in by thousands upon thousands of semi trucks spewing tons of CO2 and asthma causing particulates, to recycle the plastic containers that contained either Pepsi or Madonna’s $20.00 Kabala Water, so I guess it must be OK.