Deep Thoughts… UPDATE!

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Well, THIS should generate plenty of comments over at Daily Kos!

UPDATE: It’s better, or worse than I though, depending on your POV. It appears Cheney will be “Acting President” for a day or two. Considering all the stuff he has his hands in as Viceroy, I mean as Vice President, this will probably seem like a demotion or a day off. Meanwhile, some are already taking bets that “President” Cheney will finish the job Bush started and pardon Libby (I voted to bomb Iran on the survey just for the heck of it). Hell, might as well just issue a block pardon for everyone who has ever worked in this administration and be done with it, since it seems that every time you turn around, someone has done something either negligent or criminal or both.

Are you happy with yourself, Ice?

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“After Iceman dumped her, a shattered and heartbroken Kitty Pride quit the academy and headed to Tijuana to get reacquainted with her strung-out hooker mother, Lioness. Now look what’s become of her.”

“You’re a hooker? Jesus, I forgot! I just thought I was doing GREAT with you!”

“Nailed ‘er Good!!! ”

“Sure it sucks to be plastered into a wall. But they should just thank their luck stars it isn’t a garage door!!!”

“Look, this is EXACTLY why you should NEVER let Superman go to Tijuana when he’s under the influence of red kryptonite!”

“Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go. I mean what else are you gonna do when you’ve got your heads stuck in a wall. I’m just glad it wasn’t #2.”

“Outdoor dining at the new restaurant “Butters” is, for obvious reasons, not recommended.”

“Keeping waitresses on staff at “Butters” was not the problem. Getting them to actually do any work, well, that proved to be a bit more difficult.”

“Sheila and Nancy really got plastered last night.”

“There really should be a law against this kind of thing.”

“We all know the joke about the two bagger… well, sometimes bags just aren’t enough.”

One from V the K: “Every Glory Hole is taken. I hate tourist season in Provincetown”.

One from The Man: “Oh yea, they stopped squirming once the concrete settled”.

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Uh Oh, There’s More:

“Uhm, I think her water broke…”

♫ She’s a Brick — House… ♫

Patric, that was one HELL of a bachelor party!”

♫ I turn to stone
When you are gone
I turn to stone… ♫

“Whilst competing for both the assistant position and affections of Mr. Houdini, Ruth and Ida found themselves in a bit of a pickle.”

“Wow, talk about pathetic! Presented with this opportunity, Jason STILL couldn’t get laid!!!”

OK. I think I finally hit a brick wall on this one.