I Have No Idea Just What This Is…

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… But it does have Bugs in it, and that means I’m headed down to San Diego for the third annual Halloween gig.

[youtube -3JCESdFNyw]

UPDATE:  The link no longer works…. Bummer. I’ll try to find something else that has a bug in it.


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… To Bill Clinton, reacting properly when heckled by members of the “9/11 Truthers”, who believe, despite all the evidence that the government very rarely does anything very well, that the U. S. bureaucracy somehow planned and pulled off the 9/11 attacks. I would have done much worse, but that’s why he’s him and I’m not.

Goodbye To All That.

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Here’s why one guy decided to join, and now more recently, leave the Libertarian party. I became a card-carrying Libertarian in the early 90’s, while I was finishing my first stint in college (and yes, they DID actually send you a laminated card for your wallet). I took a test one day that determined my political leanings were of the Libertarian / Conservative sort. And like Mr. Green, also a fine outstanding drunk, I too changed to Republican for the 2000 election, but for a different reason – I wanted a smaller government candidate, and G. W. Bush sounded better than the others. Boy, did I get bamboozled! Maybe I was as drunk as Mr. Green a.k.a. “The VadkaPundit” was when he became a Republican, but either we’ve both changed our stripes, or our stripes no longer fit in with the political landscape. I can’t call this period a political hangover, but I can say the current state of politics leaves me feeling a bit queasy and dissatisfied. I am at the same point in life as Mr. Green, were nothing anybody is saying in the political landscape is sounding like anything I can support. And like Mr. Green, I am on the verge of going it alone and becoming an Independent.

It's About Time, Pt. 227

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Well, well, here’s a lawsuit that’s long overdue. In an effort to be unbiased and fair, I’m not going to tell you who I’m rooting for, but I’ll give you a subtle hint…