Going Nuts With Video Posts On Thanksgiving.

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It’s a very nice day weather-wise on this Turkey-Day. In fact, the weather here in Fresno is typically very boring, California sunshine and all that. But every one in a long while something happens to break up the monotony of nice days. Here is some video I shot of the big storm that came through last month. It very much reminded me of some of the storms we had in Dallas when I was growing up; complete with lightning, wind, and hail. Though we didn’t get one this time, the dark color of the clouds is typical of the types of storms that would produce a funnel cloud or two.

video http://sonicfrog.net/video/stormyweather.wmv

PS. I have been having problems posting some of my vids from my sonicfrog server, so I have just created a YouTube account  to host my vids. This will make it a lot easier to share stuff. The account is named “sonicrogdotnet”. I wanted to use “sonicfrog” but some jerk already took that name in 2006, and to rub it in, he has only posted two vids when he signed up, and hasn’t posted anything else since. They need to kick him out!

Yay!!! YouTube is working. Here you go.

[youtube NG97kROkpLw]

A Video For Cliff

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How to play “Things She Said”!

[youtube ubech-I8suk]

Music Video Lexicon.

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Sully is having a best and worst music video contest at his site. While on the topic, he linked to an article profiling a guy by the name of Russell Mulcahy. He directed many of the defining videos in the golden age of music video, including most (if not all) of the superb Duran Duran videos, and the all time classic “Video Killed The Radio Star”; the first video played upon the launch of  MTV. Here is a list of the videos he directed. This guy pretty much defines the age of MTV…  back when they played, you know, music videos; back when MTV was good.

PS. I wonder if the guy who directed this video (love those pants) is the same guy who directed this video? And while we’re talking about Mr Mister – come on guys, everyone else is doing it – you really need to get on the reunion bandwagon!