Is This Spin?

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Political Spin, that is. The media is abuzz with the release of the latest NIE report that concludes that, despite the rhetoric spewed forth by the Cheney wing of the bush administration, Iran had halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003. Part of the buzz about this document is that the report was ready for release a year ago, and it appears the same Mr. Cheney, who has been so adamant about the possible (probable?) use of military force to stop Iran from building the bomb, was instrumental in delaying the release of the document. I’m not familiar with the source of this charge against Cheney, so, until I get confirmation from a trusted source, I take this anti-Cheney spin with a huge grain of salt. But lets play as if it’s true and accurate (given Cheney’s penchant for exaggerating threats, it wouldn’t surprise me). One question on the idea that the Bush administration views the latest NIE report as proof of success of the Iraq policy — Why make moves that delay the release of the report that shows your policy is working? You would think, given all the bad news coming out concerning elements within and around the White House at the time (FEMA and Katrina, NSA and wiretapping, Abrahmoff, Secret Prisons, just to name a few) they would jump all over the news that shows their policies in the Middle East were bearing fruit. Of coarse, this is the Bush administration we’re talking about….

Oh, to give credit where credit is due — if the Cheney interference does pan out, it looks like Mr. Hersh was right on here. And, regardless of the validity of the above Cheney business, it was the Bush administration that pressured the rest of the world to sanction Iran on the basis of the nuclear issue, so regardless of your opinion of this administration, they do indeed deserve some credit. More here.

Travel Day!

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I’m going to Shell Beach for the week-end. Where is Shell Beach you ask? [that always seems to be the question, doesn’t it] Well, THIS won’t tell you, but it is a fun geography game none-the-less. And in case you’re wondering, I scored a wretched 91 travel IQ. I kept clicking on Africa for South American cities. Yeah, I SUCK at geography.

Hat Tip: Volokh.