Sonicfrog Rocks The Caucus….

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… No I don’t. I live on the other side of the continent, but the headline sounded good so I went with it. But if I was there, and I could vote for one candidate from the two major parties, I would support…

…drum roll please…

Barack Obama and Ron Paul.

In a nutshell here is why.

I admit I don’t know much about Obama’s political leanings. I would assume he is a typical tax and spend liberal, but he impresses me non the less. It’s not just that he’s young and closer to my generation than the other candidates, though I would be lying if I said that counts for nothing, he seems to have an integrity lacking in so many of the others. About a month ago, Hillary was actively attacking him for campaign funding improprieties (if that’s not the pot calling the kettle… oh, is that racist… nevermind) and talking heads on both the left and right condemned him for not countering with an attack or retaliation based on the colorful Clinton campaign finance history (Hsu, Trie, Jun, Rosen et al). Both Rush and NYT left-wing columnist Paul Krugman have said this made him look weak. I disagree. Obama is running in the perception that he is the alternative to the common politician. Responding to the Hillary fear mongering tactics, including the combo-smear base on his Muslim upbringing and his Arabic middle name Hussein, would just lower him into the muck and destroy the attempt to show he is different from the others. I always say that I love the game of politics but hate the stench. Unlike others who deride dirty politics yet roll in the slop like pigs, Obama is truly trying to play it clean. He has resisted the pressure to throw mud. He has remained calm and centered through the storm. For me, actions speak much louder than word, and Obama has acted well,… gasp… almost Presidential. It would be nice to have a President like that.

A lot of people deride Ron Paul as bat-shit-crazy because some of his ideas are, well, bat-shit-crazy! Lets take Paul’s stance on free trade and his aversion to the Federal Reserve. He wants to abolish both. Free trade does have it’s drawback – in its current implementation, it is neither free or fair. It promotes low wages and poor working conditions in some instances. But the growth of commerce around the world does provide more affordable goods to all, provides jobs to those that world normally have nothing, and acts as a buffer against both war – China’s economy would be crippled if relations with the US went sour; and economic downturns – when things are bad in one place there is always someplace else where it’s not.

I have not thoroughly studied Paul’s argument for trashing the Fed Res, but I do know that this has been tried before, by Andrew Jackson when he refused to charter the National Bank system, the precursor to the modern Fed Res. That, along with the Jackson backed Speicie Circular Act destabilized the economy and resulted in a severe depression from 1837 through 1843. Paul, like Jackson before him, wants to tie the value of the dollar to gold, a change from it’s policy based value determinant. The price of gold right now is at $863 per troy oz., while the value of the dollar on the foreign exchange market is low. Changing the dollar to the gold standard would be hyper inflationary, to say the least. Higher gas prices are not so much a concern, since wages would also rise with this change. The problem with gold based currency is, and always has been, the availability of the stuff. All it would take is for some crafty investor to find a way around the safeguards and corner the gold market, then you would see all hell break lose economically. It’s been done before, which is why the modern dollar is not held hostage to a commodity such as gold. Ah! History is a beautiful thing!

So I am not in Paul’s camp on economics, which is one of the most important issues to me. There are many reasons not to vote for him, the best roundup can be found here. So why support him? Because he is neither a “borrow and spend” politician like the current administration, or a “tax and spend” liberal; he is in the “don’t spend so you don’t have to borrow or tax” camp (along with ten other congressmen at most). I like Paul because I know EXACTLY where he stands, not just on one issue, but most everything else. Where everyone else in the GOP is trying to run from their record (Huckabee on illegal immigrants), or pandering to the evangelicals (Romney on past support of abortion and gay unions) or the rabid GWOT crowd, (Guliani, though I do give him kudos for not pulling a Romney on abortion). Paul, a libertarian, is not wavering on his positions one bit. Some have criticized him for not believing in evolution and wanting to abolish the Dept. of Education, or not supporting federally funded abortion, or not supporting this federal program or that, blah, blah, blah… He believes in states rights vs federal govt. He’s a libertarian. Duh! He is, for better or for worse, who he is. Most of his ideas would get no more than, say, five votes in congress, and many of his ideas just wouldn’t work in the constructs of the modern age. Still, I like the guy, maybe simply because he is a rebel, a nonconformist within his party, and is not afraid to stand for what he believes. How very rare that is in modern politics. For all his faults, he would be an honest broker.

Happy New Year, A Day Late And A Dollar…

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So, it’s a new year. I am starting the year off by linking to the Sonic-Mate’s Blog – Greg’s Big Fat Head. He has promised, sort of a New Years resolution, that he will blog more, which will be excellent since he is way, way, WAY, smarter and interesting than I am. His content raises many interesting questions and points to ponder, like, why is that guy going to cut off that baby’s head. I bet you didn’t even know there was such a thing as “Hover Bacon”. Well, thanks to Greg, we all do!!!!

[youtube mjatRkpSa5U]

But seriously, if Greg makes good on his resolution, you will find plenty of interesting posts on subjects such as astronomy, physics, Greek mythology, art, mixed drinks, and a whole range of things that I know little if anything about.

Love Ya Schnookums 🙂

PS. It’s the third year blogiversary for the Sonicfrog family of blogs. I will post the official write-up for that tomorrow, ’cause right now we’re heading out to get some coffee.