"Even kooky, ignorant rapist-pardoning goober preachers can play the bass."

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This sort of funny yet lame comment, the quality of which you’d expect to find on the KOS site, from the Talk Bass ♫ forum about the Republican winner of tonights Iowa caucus. I may not be endorsing Huckabee (one two extremely devout Christian Presidents is enough in my lifetime, thanks), but from the YouTube clips I’ve seen, he’s not a bad player at all – he moves well on the neck. Now, he’s no Geddy Lee, but then, neither am I. I’m not a sax player, so I’ll have to ask around to see if those multi-instrumentalists who play both think Huck’s bass playing is on par with Bill Clinton’s sax work. Reguardless, if Huck manages to win it all, this could become a trend – Play musical instrument? You may have a leg up if you run for President!

[youtube fdtt8Gt1dfU]

☑ Obama also won tonight, and though I haven’t heard he plays any musical instruments like, say, the drums, he did beat on third placer Hillary Clinton like John Bonham’s kick drum tonight, and that thumping sound hit all the right notes for me!

PS. I just joined the Talk Bass forum, and the guy who wrote that is probably going to blast ME when he reads this post. Oh well. Sometimes I deserve some criticism too.