So, I guess Spitzer was also lying when he wore that "I just spent $5000 dollars, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt" T-shirt.

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I didn’t participate much in the feeding frenzy over Spizter’s curious spending habits because, well, everyone else was doing it, and I’m a non-conforming non-conformist… whatever that means. Well now that the news cycle has moved on to other things (Obama and the Preacher – sounds like a TV sitcom), I thought that I would again weigh in.

I fully admit I wallowed in a certain amount of glee when I heard the news about Spitzer. His comeuppance was long overdue. The thing that really ticked me off about Spitzer had nothing to do with sex (darn). Spitzer went way over the line when he went after NYSE Chairmn Dick Grasso, for (drumroll please) making too much money. It wasn’t just that he went after Grasso – it was the ferocity with which he went after the guy. Even though there is no evidence that any corporate malfeasance, or that stockholders were ripped off a-la World.Com or Enron, Grasso was non-the-less slandered and lumped in with the likes of Bernie Ebbers, Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay. That was Spitzer’s style. Grasso did a masterful job of reviving the NYSE after 9/11 and more than earned his hefty bonus for that alone. The bonus was an accumulated payout based on performance and years working for the exchange. Spitzer claims the bonus violates state law because the amount paid is “unreasonable”… Whawaaa??? Just who is deciding what is unreasonable.

I would think that paying $5000 for a former “Girls Gone Wild” hooker, to most of us, seems “unreasonable”.

PS. I just found this gem, so their was some sex involved after all.

PPS. Spitzer’s downfall??? It’s all Bush’s fault!!!