The Day I Didn't Sit Still To Watch A Remake

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So, they went ahead and remade “The Day The Earth Stood Still”.

I don’t want to see to. It’s going to suck.

It stars Keanu Reeves as the emotionless alien, a part he’s well qualified for. The alien says he may destroy the Earth because “If the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives.”. I haven’t read a review yet, but I have this strange feeling the big crisis that brings the aliens to the decision to destroy humanity will be Global Warming. So far, I have found Global Warming movies to be nothing short of silly. Remember the bit where Global Warming is chasing down Jake Gylenhall through a hallway in “The Day After Tomorrow”? ‘Nough Said.

And on Digg, there is a feature where three scientists and Keanu Reeves discus the relationship between art and science. Not much is revealed about the movie, but, comparing the original movie to the remake,  one of the panelists says this:

“Among its many small improvements, the new movie added realistic portrayals of women in science and politics, and it incorporated families of mixed race into the mesh of the main storyline”

Argh. What is up with all this PC crap invading my movies. Remember the Tommy Lee Jones movie “Volcano”? It was silly, but kinda fun. And then at the end the scriptwriters just HAD to insert a bit where the little girl is staring at all the people gathered around helping each other, their faces covers in ash so they look the same, and she says something like, “Look, they’re no black people or white people, we’re all just people now…”


Can’t anyone tell a good story without getting all multicultural on us. Don’t indoctrinate me, just entertain me.  I’m going to end up seeing the movie – the Sonic-Mate will “force” me to go, but I will be very suprised if I like it.