A New Executive Order – "Right To Conscience". UPDATE

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*This was originally written on Dec 8, 2008.*

When should the rights of the patient to get valid legal medical treatment be trumped by the conscience of the doctor? This is the question of the day.

Soon to be Ex – President Bush is poised to issue an executive order called “The Right To Conscience”. In a nutshell, it would allow doctors, nurses, and other health care providers to deny patients legal treatments such as artificial insemination and birth control, according to the moral beliefs of the health practitioner.

Dr. DavidĀ  Stevens, president of the Christian Medical Association states:

“The real battle line is the morning-after pill. This prevents the embryo from implanting. This involves moral complicity. Doctors should not be required to dispense a medication they have a moral objection to.”

Another change – For thirty years, legally doctors have had the option not to perform abortions, but they were required to tell the patient where they could get the wanted procedure. Under this order, that will no longer be required.

I have many problems with this change in law.

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