Ritalin Boosts Learning?

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Notes Futurepundit: Ritalin isn’t just for improving concentration. Ritalin tweaks a receptor in the amygala in a way that boosts learning.

OK. But we already suspected that, since the related drug Focusyn also has the same effect!

Global Warming To Destroy Himalayan Glaciers in 25 Years… Not!

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I haven’t done any climate stuff in a while, and just in time, this pops up from the intertubes. This latest scientific evaluation from the Himalayans should put that IPCC myth to rest…. But it probably won’t:

In an exclusive chat with HT, Director WIHG [Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology] Dr AK Dubey has said that the conditions of Himalayas are controlled by the winter snowfall rather than external factors like much hyped Global Warming. He told that for a concrete result, at least 30 years of continuous research with steady outcome is needed to confirm the actual impact.

“According to a data for over 140 years available with a British weather observatory situated in Mukteswar (2311m) in Almora has actually revealed that temperature in that region witnessed a dip of .4 degrees,” he said.

Since 1991, the institute is monitoring the Himalayas extensively with focusing the glacial studies and last twenty year data has never witnessed a continual retreat. Sometimes, the recession rates have gone up but on an average the rate is very much safer, he added.

Whatever predictions about Himalayas are being made are based on short-term studies conducted on glaciers, which have no comparison with Himalayan Glaciers, he told. “Our glaciers are giant high altitude glaciers above 4000m altitude with a permanent temperature below 20 degrees Celsius. And has no comparison with the Alps Glaciers or Alaskan Glacier which are at sea level,” he said.

Dr. DP Dobhal, eminent glaciologist added that however there is a change in climate in terms of shrinking of winter period but still a lot is dependent upon the snowfall occurs. Currently the rate of recession is in between 16-20 meters a year for glacial retreat in Himalayas, whereas 30 percent of the glaciers are more than 10km in length, he said.

PS. In the body of the article, the article writer says:

Senior scientists at the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology (WITG) has rejected the Global Warming Theory and told that the Himalayas are quite safer zone on earth, where Global Warming has no role in controlling the conditions.

To be clear, there is nothing in the rest of the article that supports this assertion. He doesn’t seem to reject the theory, but does reject the notion that AGW is having an effect on the Himalayan glaciers. The wording in the paragraph could be a quirk of bad translation if this was a translated article. It happens.

The Price Of Bad Governance And Policy

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This was brought to my attention by favorite podcaster Dan Carlin via his latest Common Sense podcast “The Leadership Triangle“. Many may not like Pat Buchanan, but he’s out of the PC loop, freeing him to write whatever he feels must be said, damned the consequences, and here he writes about the consequences of the Republican and Democrats insistence of maintaining the empire. Here is a snippet:

Liquidation of this empire should have begun with the end of the Cold War. Now it is being forced upon us by the deficit-debt crisis. Like GM, we can’t kick this can up the road any more, because we have come to the end of the road.

Republicans will fight new taxes. Democrats will fight to save social programs. Which leaves the American empire as the logical lead cow for the butcher’s knife.

Indeed, how do conservatives justify borrowing hundreds of billions yearly from Europe, Japan and the Gulf states — to defend Europe, Japan and the Arab Gulf states? Is it not absurd to borrow hundreds of billion annually from China — to defend Asia from China? Is it not a symptom of senility to borrow from all over the world in order to defend that world?

In their Mount Vernon declaration of principles, conservatives called the Constitution their guiding star. But did not the author of that constitution, James Madison, warn us that wars are the death of republics?

Under Bush II, conservatives, spurning the wisdom of their fathers, let themselves be seduced, neo-conned into enlisting in a Wilsonian crusade that had as its declared utopian goal “ending tyranny in our world.”

How could conservatives whose defining virtue is prudence and who pride themselves on following the lamp of experience have been taken into camp by the hustlers and hucksters of empire?

One of the reasons I remain so skeptical of the Conservative / Tea Party movement, is that the less government / less spending crusade appears to be nothing more than a charade. We agree that the current size of government is simply unsustainable, yet when pressed on exactly where the cuts to government will come from….. silence. While talking to a rabidly conservative friend a couple of weeks ago, I suggested that the easiest way to mitigate the social security crisis is to have the benefits means tested…. he almost threw up! OK. He was pretty drunk at the time and his response may have had something to do with that, but still he was rabidly against such a notion. Cities across the country, faced with gigantic budget deficits, are having to do the unthinkable – cut police and fire services in order to balance the budgets. They have no choice. There is no printing spigot to generate more cash. Even GM shuttered some of its dealers and shed a few nameplates, something unimaginable a few years ago. And for as much carping on George W Bush that you hear from conservative circles concerning his spending and growth of government, what GWB initiated programs are you going to cut; Department of Homeland Security? A few changes in info sharing laws would have fixed most of the pre-9/11 intelligence shortcomings. No Child Left Behind? Please cut that one. Medicare-D? That one is expensive… Oh, you just campaigned on not cutting medicare for Seniors in order to defeat the Obamacare bill…. Nevermind.

I’m sorry, but I find the new Conservative commitment to decreasing the size of government as bankrupt as the government they claim to dislike.

And The Economic Dunces Award Goes To…..

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The Obama Administration!

Yes, They are the biggest economic illiterates perhaps in a generation. Here is the headline:

Program to pay homeowners to sell at a loss
Obama administration’s latest attempt to stem the housing crisis

Yes, you heard that right. In order to try and stem the ever growing foreclosure crisis (5 million behind in their mortgage payments and pending foreclosures) the Obama administration has come up with the brilliant plan to pay “homeowners” to short sell their house….

First off, you’re not really a home owner until you’ve paid off the mortgage, but that’s quibbling.

What the hell difference does it matter it the house is a foreclosure or a short sale. It is still empty. At least with a foreclosure, there is an auction and the house will eventually be sold to a bargain hunter who gets the fair price in a severely deflated market. A short sale will actually take longer to accomplish, as the price will not be as cheap, and buyers are scarce. The article expresses concern over the credit of the forclosee, yet their credit, by the time they are faced with losing the house, is almost certainly in the toilet anyway.

And who is going to buy the houses anyway? Everyone who wants to buy a house has been doing so in order to get the tax credit. Yet, with a sluggish job market, the unemployment rate at 9.7, wage increases at a standstill for the foreseeable future, impending job losses due to states like California also going bankrupt, who pray-tell, is going to buy all these houses? Many of the foreclosures are bought by wealthy bargain hunters who are often using the property as a rental, and then will sell for a profit once the housing market recovers.

Hey, instead of doing this, who not do something to actually spur economic growth and suspend the corporate tax for a few years. Might even bring some businesses back to the country… Oh, sorry, I was dreaming again. Democrats would never fiscal policy that could be seen as doing corporations a favor, even if it would go a long way to starting a real economic recovery, one that, unlike the current situation, would include something called job growth. The only thing the administration might accomplish with this stupid “fix” is to fraudulently bring the foreclosure rates down a little and give them something to crow about, something they desperately need.

So, once again, the guvment is going to hand out more money it doesn’t have for a fix that will accomplish nothing.