What Geologists Don’t Want You To Know…. (because it’s so stupid)

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Weeeeeeeee. Isn’t this fun!

…And completely absurd!

As a former Geology student, I must say I was caught completely absolutely off guard when I stumbled upon someone trying to argue the case for the Expanding Earth theory on a blog this last weekend. I had never even heard of this theory, and you know I love a good conspiracy and what. But this is just sooo far out there.

OK, back to the video.

At around 2:16 in the CGI, the tail end of South America both loses then gains mass as it moves away from from everything else. Why is that?

And where does all the extra mass come from to cause the Earth to expand?

And where does all the water come from and how neat it is that it just happens to appear just when the Earth is expanding and not before.

This must be a sign of God!

Here is more of the brilliant Expanding Earth deduction.

At about 35 seconds in, Neal Adams makes a bizarre statement about the center of gravity shifting due to the mass of the continents all gathered on one side, causing the oceans to drain on one side.

Anyone else see the little itty-bitty problem with this reasoning???

Yep. It’s mass… of the whole entire planet. I haven’t done the calculations, but I expect the mass of the continents, if added together, to be something like 1/100,000 that of the entire Earth. I don’t remember the exact figure…. some good all that geology school did me! Anyway, it’s probably less than that, I’ll find the correct figure later today. Since the center of gravity would be based on the entire Earths mass, well Neil’s whole argument falls completely flat (get it, flat Earth?). Besides, as the next video shows, the center of gravity is not just dependent on the mass on the Earth, it varies in relation to the gravitational pull of the sun and, especially,¬†gravitationally locked thing in the sky called the moon. That huge chunk of rock in the sky causes the center of Earths gravity to shift from the center by about 4500Km, which is MUCH more of a degree in magnitude than the variation predicted by Neal Adams. And how does this huge shift in gravitational center affect the oceans today??? Why, high tide and low tide of course! Not a world where the continents are flooded every 23 hours, as would happen if Mr. Adams’s understanding of gravity and the oceans were correct.

See. This is what you get when you put a comic book artist in charge of a scientific hypothesis….. Fun, Colorful Fiction!

Oh, and I just found out Expanding Earth theory also explains global warming….

The heat flux from the midocean ridges could prove to be the primary heat source causing global warming because they are a single and virtually continuous worldwide “linear underwater volcano” (LUV) extruding superheated molten magma (molten rock) and byproducts (chemicals, minerals and gases, plus virgin new H¬≤O) of the core melting process that coagulate or precipitate out to form new basaltic seafloor when they meet extremely cold seawater at the ocean floor.

…Or is the Earth expanding due to global warming??? After all, most mass in the universe expands when it gets hot!

Stay tuned my friends. Stay tuned.