What’s Wrong With The Music Industry. No Emotion?

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Here is the original version of “The Weakness In Me” by Joan Armatrading.

Yes, her voice is not the most perfect thing out there. But there is an emotion carried within that speaks to the soul.

Here is a new version by Keisha White.

She has a better voice… but man, there is no feeling to this what-so-ever. It sounds like she’s singing by the numbers…. add a flourish right here… raise an octave there…. Oh, I can do gravel voice… It sound like a typical mediocre American Idol audition. I get no impression that she’s ever been in a situation like the song is describing. On the other hand, at least she’s not going all Whitney Houston on us.

Even live Joan displays an emotionality that seems to be lost on this generation of artists. This is how it’s it’s done.

Keisha, maybe you should take some advice from Mrs. Armatrading and….

And From The “Dammit! Why didn’t I save the movie I made when I was a film major in college!” Dept.

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Birdemic: Shock And Terror Official Theatrical Trailer from Severin Films on Vimeo.

Yes, it really is a movie, and it’s soooo bad, I just might have to go see it.

A Short Demonstration Of Political Disconnects.

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If umpires were allowed to judge the game based on political leaning:

If the ump is a Republican:

“That pitch was very high and way outside”.

If the ump is a Democrat:

“Wow, that was THE BEST breaking ball I’ve ever seen. You questioning my judgement? You’rrreee out!!!! You’re ejected….”

And come to think of it, it seems like the President knows about as much about the White Sox as he does about the health care bill he just signed into law. Listen to the way he tries to cover his lack of knowledge by dragging the answer, for which he has no detailed knowledge, out to infinitum. It’s his modus-operandi. At least he didin’t go on for 17 minutes not naming any of his favorite players for the team.

Still, can the President get ejected for delay of game?????