California Legislature Fails To Pass Plastic Bag Ban… And Other Fun Stuff.

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Oh, good.

Now pass an effing budget!!!!

(nah, they can’t, they’re on vacation now, and won’t be back until October or November or whenever they feel like it)

One retarded Democratic Senator laments on the failure to ban regulate plastic bags:

“If we don’t solve this problem today, if we don’t create a statewide standard, if we don’t provide the leadership that is being called for, others will,…”

(you know, you could try to solve the budget problem today and show leadership there… nah)

They also failed to ban BPA’s, which is contained in plastic water bottles, which means a ban on plastic water bottles.

(hmm, I could be for that, just for the heck of it).

BUT, on a brighter note, they moved the Kindergarten eligibility date from December 1st to Sept 1st:

“There are not very many families in today’s economy that can hold their kids outside of school,” said Assemblywoman Julia Brownley, D-Santa Monica, who presented the bill in the Assembly. “We’re just trying to provide a kindergarten program that’s going to really work for these young people. This will make children much more successful.”

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