Tax Cuts Don’t Work To Fix The Economy…. Uhm……

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Ann Althouse has noticed that the proposed amount of Obama latest stimulus package, $50 billion, is half the amount of the tax breaks being offered by the Democrat. The thing that kills me, is that for all the bluster of Democrats fighting against tax cuts because they don’t work to spur economic growth, every time the President and congress offers up one of the many tax break packages during this recession, they are admitting that they do.

The Effects Of LSD – Baseball And Bloggers

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It appears it works better for baseball pitchers than it does for bloggers. On the 40 year anniversary of Dock Ellis’s throwing a no hitter while tripping the merry-go-round, Andrew Sullivan manages to scribble this (in crayon presumably) on his blog this morning about Barrack Obama:

That’s the brutal truth and we have to face it. And if Americans thought they were voting for a savior, rather than a pragmatic president, they were deluding themselves.

We were deluding ourselves????? One wants to blurt out “My God Man, Didn’t You See The Campaign????”. But, of course we know he followed the campaign. Sullivan’s comments are more than delusional… My friends…. THIS is your brain on drugs!

PS. I find it sad that Obama picks Labor Day to give a campaign speech to his party. This was a campaign speech plain and simple. He is so partisan in his approach to everything, he doesn’t have it in him to give a speech to the American people.