Geek Alert!

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God, I haven’t geeked out in so long….. Mint Linux now features a version based on Debian, my favorite Linux distribution!


Now I just have to decide which of the five working computers in my house to install it on.

PS. I’m currently using a modified Peppermint Ice as my main Linux. Peppermint is extremely fast… SUPER FAST. It comes with a version of Open Box as the desk top, but, liking Gnome, I installed that desktop and use it as my main base of operations. Even though Gnome is a lot more of a resource hog than Open Box, I haven’t noticed any difference in speed or performance.

From The “They Deserve This” Dept

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Climate Corrections – Glacier Melt Overestimated By Half

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Al Gore, call your office.

Christine O’Donnell – Delaware’s Sarah Palin?

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The Palin campaign strategy / model – Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk!


Not so much!!!!

Unsurprisingly, Jeff Lord at American Spectator thinks she’s just peachy, and uses the “well, Goldwater and Reagan were attacked too” Defense. Ace Of Spades is not impressed at all.

Here is the video where O’Donnell says the political opponents were acting like thugs. OK, we don’t see all the video – it’s edited (context and all). But this looks like thuggery to me, and it’s not coming from the random people with their cell phones.

Anyway, listen to the audio. She talks a lot, but doesn’t really say much. She just waists time. As Christopher Hitchens once said: “By all means, stupid people should be represented, but not by stupid people.”