“[Gays] are basically the battered wife of the Democratic Party establishment”

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Andrew Sullivan wakes up. The quote is at 3 minutes in.

My friend Dan at gay Patriot notes that a lot of people are pinning this latest failure squarely at the feet of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Man, this is going to be such a fun election. Too bad I can’t blog about it.

My One Political Cigarette

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Yesterday, I swore that I would not devote any more time to politics at Sonicfrog Dot Net

Well, like any recovering addict, there is bound to be a few slip-ups. Here is just such an example. I find I simply must respond to Obama’s lame answer to a question asked at a town hall type thing yesterday. Here is the question:

Here’s the jist of the response:

“Your children will be able to put themselves in dept easier in order to finance their education, even though there aren’t any jobs for them when they come out of college… Oh, except for green jobs of course”

“We’ve created new rule to make sure credit card companies find new innovative ways to screw you”

“We are providing ladders to get to the middle class….. especially if you are rich.”

Jebus H! She’s a freaking CFO. She’s handled more financial responsibilities than he had all the way up to getting elected. And all th could give was this rambling answer? I wonder if he looked as much a fool in her eyes as he did in mine.

Here is the video of his rambling answer.