Gov. Chris Christie – The Eric Clapton of Politics!

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He just can’t seem to hit a wrong note!

Even though his name sounds more like a dessert company than a politician…. I have to admit I have a serious man-crush on Chris CHristie!

OK… I have to admit that the dessertish name only adds to the man-crush!!!

PS. I’m really sucking at that “giving up politics” pledge.

Executive Order Allows Govt To Ban Some Alternative Medicine?

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It sure looks that way.

On June 22nd, Obama stealth-fully did an end-around Congress and signed an executive order allowing the CDC and Dept of Health and Human Services to regulate alternative medicines. Congress had been trying to accomplish this for the last five years, but had never had much in the way of success. McCain I think was the last to try and push legislation in this direction, and it got shot down in a hurry.

My understanding of the order is that it allows the CDC and HHS to implement policy concerning alternative medicines based on the Codex Alimentaruis, a UN based entity that provides a standard to determine whether consumed foods and drugs as safe or unsafe. They will be able to ban certain vitamins or treatments based on the recommendations of the Codex Alimentarius, which would be effectively doing an end-around the FDA, which by law cannot regulate certain alternative medicines.

Radio host Dr. Dean Edell has been a long time advocate for the regulation of alternative medicines, as have the guys over at the Skeptics Guide to the Universe. They note the re are two dangers when using alternative medicines. First, because they are not regulated, there is no quality control and no documented testing need before putting them on the market. You could be buying something that has not been thoroughly test and may be damaging to your health. Zicam nose spray falls in the later category. The alternative medicine may have cause permanent damage to at least 130 users who have lost their sense of smell by using this alternative medicine. The FDA could not recall the spray, and it was only taken off the market by the after they found they were facing serious lawsuits over the product. Turns out there was too much zinc in the product. Zinc has been shown in some studies to be effective in decreasing cold symptoms, but others show it provides no help.

You can also buy something that has, basically, no medicine in it at all, aka homeopathy. Zicam is still on the market, but now as an exclusively homeopathic product; it doesn’t have any active ingredients in it. The irony here is that, in order to be able to sell product and make money, the good folks at Zicam are selling a remedy that has the only ingredient show to have any tangible effect on cold symptoms removed from the product.

The worst aspect of alternative medicines are lives that are lost due to a patient forgoing proven treatments for ailments such as cancer, in favor of using alternative medical treatments. Danny Houser is one of the lucky ones, only because the courts intervened. Here is one web site that documents the plight of those who were not so fortunate. You may scoff at the that web site, but keep this in mind, the operators of alternative treatment centers, especially those run in foreign countries, don’t have to keep track of how many patients fail to respond to their treatments. Unlike traditional hospitals, they have no incentive to count the dead. That would be bad for business.

Now that I’ve made my position clear concerning alternative medicines, I must ask a question. Was it legal for the the President to use an executive order in this fashion? Is this type of blatant sidestepping of Congress really what the executive order should be used for??? Since I love a good baseless but fun conspiracy theory, I’ll throw this out there; I wonder if Obama promised big pharma he would take this action in order to buy their silence on the health care bill, though they were going to make money off that anyway, so maybe not.

PS. Alternative medicines can be very dangerous when you consider that many of them are manufactured overseas. You literally have no idea if what you’re taking even has the ingredient in them that you’re buying them for, or that they don’t have an unwanted ingredient that could harm you. Anyone remember the incidence of lead contained in children’s toys. To be fair, TTBOMK, I can’t think of a case where this has happened, but you do run the risk.

Kaus And Newsweek, A Match Made In Heaven?

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Ann Althouse is already disappointed by the move of  mega blogger (and former Senatorial candidate) Mickey Kaus from Slate to Newsweek. Newsweek, as she notes, does not have a the greatest reputation lately.  The general train of though judging from the comments is that Kaus has made a mistake signing on to the incompetent magazine that is Newsweek…

Kaus is an idiot to sign up with those leftists.

I say “Hardly”. He still gets to write what he wants, all in all has better on-line circulation, and will, I assume, be getting paid more than he did at Slate. Newsweek is replicating the model used by The Atlantic when they lured internet star Andrew Sullivan over to write for them. You may or may not like Sully, but he single handedly put The Atlantic back on the map.

The Republican “Pledge To America” Is Out.

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Yawn…. A party regurgitating old material, pretending that it’s new.

And what’s with the term pledge? Feels squishy. Too much like a promise, which are made to be broken. Couldn’t they have found a more solid term to use? At least a contract seems like it has some weight to it… unless you’re dealing with sports.

And no, I’m not linking to it. It will be easy enough to find if you really want to read it.