I’m No Bassist… THIS GUY’S A BASSIST!!!!!!

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Abe Laboriel!

Favorite Guitar Solo Found On Youtube, # 3

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Just one name says it all – PRINCE! At 3:30 in. The guy is freakishly amazing!

Love one of the comments left on the page. Blackboab2004 wrote:

if you watch closely around the 5 min mark…you can see tom petty giving signs to prince to go for it…..then shaking his head in disbelief….george harrison’s son just looks amazed ….yes prince is a showman but i believe the rolling stones magazine editor was at the show and prince was left off their greatest guitarists list so thats why prince walked off stage at the end…it was a f**k you to him and the following issue had prince as the most underrated? guitarist in the world…

Have no idea if that Rolling Stone reference is true or not, but it does make the video all the more fun!