If a political debate happens in a forest, and no one bothers to pay attention, does it make a sound? UPDATE,

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OK, it wasn’t a forest… but it might as well have been. Did anyone else know the two California Gubernatorial candidates were going to have a debate last night at UC Davis???

Me neither!

I drive around a lot and listen to my fair share of talk radio. I didn’t hear any promotion of it before the event, and I haven’t seen any headlines about it afterward. It’s not on MSNBC’s website. I don’t see it on Drudge. Instapundit hasn’t mentioned it, nor has Althouse, or Sully. Even Gay Patriot is a no-show. I had to google it to find any reports of it at all.

Come On People!

We are the most populous state  in the union…. WE’RE FREAKING CALIFORNIA!!!!!!

Are we so screwed up that no one even cares anymore?

UPDATE:  OK,  the debate didn’t generate any interest at all…  But this will! And the disgruntled housekeeper is being represented by media whore Gloria Allred.  Has she ever actually won a case? There’s the Scott Peterson thing, but, come on, even I could have won that!

To Steal From Glen Reynolds….

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New method discovered to more efficiently convert heat to electrical energy… using quantum mechanics! Faster Please!!!… Or, since it’s quantum…. Slower Please???