More thoughts on the sad fate of Tyler Clementi.

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I’m reading a lot of thoughtful commentary about the tragic suicide of Tyler Clementi, and opinions of what should happen to his room-mate and accomplice.

What the two did was horrible. Yet, in their world, what they’ve grown up with, a life full of everything shared on the web, via Facebook or web-cam’d for YouTube, or sexting, this might not have seemed so much a horrible thing to do as some of us older folks recognize it to be.

That said, the room-mate and co-conspirator should be prosecuted for whatever invasion of privacy laws they broke.

Concerning the suicide and aftermath? I think it’s a waste of time and money to press any hate crime charges against the two. Kids, especially those in college, do stupid things without thinking ahead to the possible consequences. There doesn’t seem to be any real malice involved. They, or more likely Rutgers, will get sued by the parents. But, more than that, these two are going to have to carry with them for the rest of their lives that their unthinking actions cause another human being to take his own life. That is a pain that to me would be unbearable. That is a pain for which there is no relief.

I can empathize with what Tyler might have suddenly had to face because of the two unthinking acquaintances. From my perspective, remembering what it was like in college and trying to deal with being, or sometimes trying not to be, gay… coming to grips with the finality of being and accepting it, trying to sort out my feelings, yet at the same time trying to hide the truth from friends and family, trying to decide who of your friends you might be able to share your feelings with…

No! Can’t trust anyone…

Sneaking around and basically leading a double life, hoping one of your friends doesn’t happen to see your car parked anywhere near a gay bar, looking over your shoulder in fear that your older brother might beat the crap out of you if he caught you standing in line at the local homo-dance club… It was often an emotional cyclone roiling around in your head and heart. People, straight people, who have never had to struggle with this can’t begin to understand the turmoil that goes on if you are struggling to learn how to live with the fact that your gay.

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OK, Now I’m Pissed!

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The idiot movie critics at MS-toopid-NBC just dissed “Killdozer“!!!!!

And dammit! You can’t even get it on video… It’s out of print!…


Ah, What’s this???? You can watch it on YouTube!!!!!!!     Hooray for the intertubes!!!!!!!!!!!

PS. It was a favorite movie when I was a kid. They are stomping on my childhood memories! They might as well be dissing “Tarantula“…

Or “Dark Shadows”!