Andrew Versus Reality

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Andrew SUllivan has posted Carl Paladino’s apology for reading prepared statements concerning gays that got him in trouble. Part of the apology says this:

5) My position on marriage is based on my personal views. I have the same position on this issue as President Barrack Obama…

Sully responds:

Notice how Barack Obama’s opposition to marriage equality is used by others. There are costs to pragmatism.

Interesting how, even though the policy position is indeed the same, coming from one camp, it’s a sign of bigotry and homophobia and hate, and from the other side, it’s pragmatism. How does that work exactly?

Obama Versus Math

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(OK, this is my last political post of the week. Promise)

$50 Billion Stimulus Package of 2010 = Wonderful infrastructure project to fix the nations roads, railways, runways, and implement next-generation air-traffic control systems. OK. That needs to be done.

$1 Trillion Stimulus Package of 2009 = Uhm… ?????????

How the HELL did $1 Trillion Dollar Stimulus Bill NOT ACCOMPLISH WHAT A $50 BILLION DOLLAR BILL WOULD ACHIEVE????? …. that’s $1,000 BILLION DOLLARS folks!!!