Climate Change Secret Revealed!

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I was reading this story at WUWT, and truth revealed itself…


By looking at the graphic as presented, it’s obvious….


This explains why liberals embrace it so.

You know, when ever I came across global warming, my gay-dar would always twitch a little. At first I though maybe my senses were a bit out of whack because of the extra warmth we’ve caused, so I had my gay-dar re-calibrated to compensate (not an inexpensive task I must tell you). But, I’ll be damned if it still didn’t pique my curiosity… There was just SOMETHING going on here that caught my queer eye. Now I can let out a sigh of relief!

Note, the colors are not quite a rainbow, but that is on purpose. Climate Change is still trying to hide the truth. It’s still in denial. Please Climate Change, don’t do anything rash like jump off a bridge or something. I promise… It gets better.

Death vs Math – UPDATE

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OK. This equation makes no sense.

They say that celebrity deaths come in three’s. First you had Barbara Billingsley who was every-mom Mrs Cleaver, then you had Tom Bosley aka every-dad Mr C. I WAS expecting one of the TV kids or a TV uncles to take the plunge… How the hell does Porn magnate Bob Guccione fit into this equation???????

UPDATE: Tarzan’s kid, from the 1940’s , has died. And so has one of the actors from the inferior “Dallas” knock-off “Falcon Crest“. But this really screws up the maths ’cause now we’re no longer dealing with “three’s”.