Obama, Worst President In A Generation?

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Not only is he directly responsible for the 10 fold increase in partisanship, not only did he pass the single worst legislation in a generation (health care deform), not only is he continuing and even increasing the erosion of the fourth amendment started under Cheney and Bush, (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, Google is your friend), not only has he time and time again turned his back on the gay community (why is this idiot defending DADT, and won’t agree that it’s unconstitutional), but, to top it off, because of his inept ability to read the electorate, we’re going to most likely see a wave of social conservatives wash over the political system.

Democrats, of course, in response, are doing what Democrats always try to do when they find themselves behind in the pols… they’re cheating! (see LBJ or JFK and the dead voters who managed to rise from the grave and vote for them) Funny that when voting machines were reported to be making errors in favor of GW Bush in 2004, the company that made the machines were vile and villainous, yet now that the errors are in the Democrats favor… No need to investigate voter fraud… All is right with the world… Just move along…

Headline Of The Week-end – Obama Versus Himself

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If you want to know why Obama may be the worse, non-sensical, hysterical President in a generation, see the headline below. From MSNBC:

Obama calls for an end to partisan politics — with a jab at GOP

Does the guy even listen to himself? And when the press, who, despite the hard-on they have for the guy, notices… Well, you’ve got a problem.