Hypocrisy – Defined RESOLVED

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[ RESOLVED. He doesn’t read my blog. Promises to don more of that in the future ]

This post is for a certain relative, who doesn’t seem to understand the definition of the term.

Here is a common definition:

1. a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess.

2. a pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.

3. an act or instance of hypocrisy.

Here are a few examples of hypocrites:

Democrats blast GOP ‘front groups,’ but use them too

Al Gore ‘left car engine running during hour-long environment lecture

Here’s an example I posted concerning Rush Limbaugh from a year ago.

And speaking of Rush, there are an awful lot of people who derided him for calling Obama a jackass, but are cheering Joy Behar for calling Sharon Angle a bitch.

These are prime examples of hypocrisy.

This last week-end, you decreed that I’m a hypocrite because of what I have written written on my blog concerning the stimulus – that I am against the stimulus packages that the Democrats have passed – yet I’m hopeful that I can get a teaching job as a result of those same stimulus packages. Only one problem with your uninformed protestations…. I have never expresses the views you claim to have read on this blog.
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