Ponderance Of The Day….

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Assuming that “ponderance” is not actually a word, and assuming things are going to end up the way many expect, with this election being a bloodbath for Democrats, I’ve been pondering the probability of a real tea party type movement occurring on the liberal side of the fence. Not one of these pho-tea party things like the Coffee Party, or whatever, that was cynically created to try and compete with the tea party, but a real uprising within progressive circles. I know it’s going to happen, as there are an awful lot of progressives who have been dissatisfied with the Obama administration and the Pelosi / Reid congress, and, in politics… especially in politics, nothing breeds imitation like success.

I wonder, what will this progressive splinter movement look like? What will be the glue that binds it?

Will this be the reemergence of Ralph Nader as a political figure and leader of a new progressive movement?

Some will scoff at that, but, if Ron Paul is the spiritual father of the tea party movement, then why can’t Nader be the same for a progressive grass roots movement? Ignoring their political differences, both guys are quite similar. Their ideas are not mainstream to their respective parties, both both are seem as men of their word and committed to their beliefs. I get a chance to listen to Nader every once in a while when I listen to Pacifica radio. I may disagree with much of his political POV’s, but he does put up a persuasive argument for the reasoning behind his positions.

Anyway, like the tea party, it probably won’t evolve into an actual party, that would siphon votes away from the main organism. It will be an avenue for disgruntled Democrats to move the party to a direction more to their liking. One consequence could be the diminished influence of the moderate Clinton wing of the Democratic party.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. As of this moment, the east coast polls are hours from closing, and nothing is set in stone for this election day. So, let’s kick back, and see what happens.