Stupid Headline Of The Day – “Your move, GOP: What about the empty houses?”

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Good Lord!!!! When you read this piece, it’s clear that the headline should be something like “Obama’s failed housing policies helped ensure GOP victory”. The writer spends most of the time being critical of Obama and the Democrats lame efforts to “keep people in their homes”. They failed miserably. Yet, it’s only two days after the elections, the Republicans aren’t even in control of the house for two whole months, and you already get this accusatory tone? Obama’s had two years to implement policies that fell short of expectations. Lets at least give the Republicans a few months in office before you start bashing them on the head, can we?

Note to everyone – Those houses DO NOT belong to the people! They are still essentially the banks, until they are paid off. This is the problem with American thinking concerning finance. It isn’t really yours until you’ve paid off the loan. That is the lesson many, it seems, still need to learn.

And one more thing. Maybe, if the Obama and the Democrats had better solutions to improve the economy rather than the stimulus driven state of limbo that were in, maybe the foreclosure rates wouldn’t be as bad now as they are.


PS. Just to be clear, I will repeat for those of you who have stunningly poor reading comprehension skills (and you know who you are), I am not opposed to stimulus per se. Many of the infrastructure projects were long over due, and it did employ some people, providing a buffer against worsening economic conditions. What I have a problem with is the way much of the money was spent (which apparently didn’t go to actual infrastructure projects at all), and most importantly, government “stimulus” spending does not spur economic growth. Again, it only acts as a buffer.

I’ll write more on this later. Must go work now.