Dr. Strange-Recession – Or How I Learned To Love The Pension Bomb

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More proof that unfundable pension funds are poised to nuke our economic recovery. Many progressives will be pissed about Obama caving (yet again, as they’ll say) and spending ANY money on the nuclear arsenal. But this is what caught my eye:

The offer was for a boost of $4.1 billion in funding between 2012-2016 for the nuclear weapons complex that will go to maintaining and modernizing the arsenal and the laboratories that oversee that effort. Of that, $1 billion would cover a deficit in the pension fund for the agency in charge of the stockpile and laboratories.

Now, if they have to use $1 billion to patch up the pensions for this one tiny agency… that’s ONE BILLION folks, can we stop ignoring the elephant in the room, and admit that the huge pension commitment throughout our government system is itself an A-Bomb primed to send us all to smithereens.

Speaking of Smithereens…

The video for the morning

Happy Saturday.

The Sad State Of California – Even Green Jobs Are Leaving The State!

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The only thing I can say about this is……  Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And, because you failed to repeal AB32 a couple of Tuesdays ago,  you idiots ensured that more jobs, including green jobs, will be leaving the state, or will simply not open their doors here in the first place!

Oh, did I forget to mention that the budget is already more in the red than they thought?      —    Surprise!!!!!!!! It’s double what they said it was.

OK everyone….  Raise your hands if you think they didn’t know this little tidbit before the elections????

Yeah. Me neither.