A Political Reminder.

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Just so it doesn’t get lost in the recent Bin Laden hoopla, then Presidential hopeful Barack Obama said this concerning Pakistan:

“There are terrorists holed up in those mountains who murdered 3,000 Americans. They are plotting to strike again. . . . If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won’t act, we will.”

A couple of thoughts.

First, those who harshly criticized Obama over this statement, and there were a lot of them, they owe him an apology. It was the right thing to do.

I was of two minds on this. I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of issuing an unprovoked attack in an other country, I searched my blog and didn’t find any mention of Obama and Pakistan, so it apparently it wasn’t anything of great concern to me. Hey… It’s politics and a political campaign – half the things said on the campaign trail are taken WAY too serious! However, here is a comment I made at Haze Gray And Under Way back in 2007 when this was current fodder:

While I disagree with Obama’s solution of an unprovoked, preventative, illegal, immoral war (thanks libs and Chomsky for the meme), I do appreciate that his professed war-mongering diatribe has brought the nations attention to Pakistan.

I was being sarcastic there, just so you know.

Seriously, Pakistan has been a great concern to me in the last several years, even superseding Iran. It is safe to assume that elements within the Musharif govt. (if not the man himself) are unofficially aiding and abetting the al-qaeda elements within the country. Of all the enemies and semi-allies we have in the middle east, that country, for the obvious atomic reason, would be the most dangerous should its current government fall to the islamic radicals.

This is the beauty of writing a blog and posting stuff on the internet. You can either show that you were on target concerning a topic, or you are forced to admit you were wrong and apologize. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea that we would conduct an unsanctioned military action in Pakistan, and I don’t think Obama was flag waiving and going “Yeah! Let invade Pakistan!!!” either. I was on the same page as candidate Obama concerning our over reliance on their good will, as it were. As I wrote on my Facebook page… “What…. A government in the Middle East…. Possibly being duplicitous…. No!!!!!!!!”

It’s nice to see that you have some consistency in thought.

Second, Osama Bi Laden was not hiding out in the mountains, and Musharraf is no longer the President of Pakistan. But it certainly looks as if the sprawling compound where Bin Laden was housed was built when he was still in power. And now we know one reason why the trail for Bin Laden went so cold… We were looking in the wrong place!

I congratulate President Barack Obama on staying firm to his commitment to get Bin Laden even if it meant taking unilateral action to do it.


PS. As I’m looking at some of these old posts, I wonder, just how many ways did I manage to misspell “al Queda”?

Me On TV!!!!! UPDATE # 1

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“Love Still Reigns” – Acoustic Highway!

This is an original song performed by my band Acoustic Highway on the KMPH Great Day morning show on April 22nd. I’ve not had time to polish up the vid presentation, but wanted to get it out there. Should have the titles and editing cleaned up by tomorrow. More vids are on the way…. As soon as I find a better editing program than Microsoft Movie Maker! Enjoy!!!!

UPDATE – The bass is a regular ol’ Dean Plamate acoustic. I normally only use it for acoustic practice, but I decided to give it a whirl for the live broadcast. I’m running it through a GK 400 RB III 2 X 12 cabinet. It makes for some pretty interesting tones.