Dan Carlin Bait!

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Breaking News: The Roosevelt Administration LIED to the US Supreme Court in order to continue Japanese internment during WW2. I wonder how often this happens?

Here is the story.

Acting Sol Gen Neal Katyal should get a medal or something for admitting the truth about this. We need more people like this in government.

Lost The Apostrophe… “Gained” The Audience? UPDATE

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The other day, when I was watching the vid of President O’Bama in Ireland…. Something was nagging me. My BA is in Telecommunication w/ a specialty in Radio / TV / Film production… And I swear the audio on that video – the cheers – are added… The video is padded. The audio is sweetened.

Maybe today, if I find the time, I’ll try and find some on-line, non-media sanctioned video to see if I’m right.


Nope. Looks like the audience is more than large enough to equal the cheers.

“They probably should have done some more testing before they rolled it out,”

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The Madison B-Cycle.

socialist bikes

Uhm… They probably shouldn’t have rolled it out.

Here are the fee structures to rent one of these suckers.

A 24 hour pass costs $10. A 7 day pass is $30, while an annual membership is $65. Personally, as someone who is perpetually on a tight budget, I think the one day pass is too high. Still, if that were the end of the fees, I would say OK, not too bad… but there are other fees. After the first 30 minutes of use, they start to charge you, first $2 for the next 30 minutes, then $5 for each after that. So you really don’t want to have your bike out for any length of time, or it will cost you. You know, for the price of renting and using one of these bike for a month, it would be cheaper to simply go out and buy a bike of your own. Even with gas prices hovering in the $4 dollar range, it would be cheaper to go ahead and drive my car downtown.

In the end, this is destined to prove itself a horrible idea. I just find myself staring at the picture wondering “what were they thinking?”. And what is going to happen when someone inevitable gets injured while riding a Madison B-Cycle, or is their a “no lawsuit” clause built into the contract when you rent one of these things. I guarantee that it will end up not making nearly as much money and get as much use as it was projected and it will end up costing much more than the original bid.

Oh, and do they provide little seat and handle grip sanitizers for the individual rider, because i have no idea who the previous rider was and how clean they might be…. I’m just sayin.

Hat Tip: Althouse.