Conflict Of Ownership To The Max!!!!!! (and more YouTube banter)

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Some more video of the “enlightened masses” that make up the majority of the Occupy [insert city here] movement.

He’s holding a sign that says “Hitler’s Bankers” but he states over and over again Wall Street is controlled by “The Jews”…

So, Which Is It???…

Are the Jews controlling the banks…

Or is it Hitler?….

Because, well, uhm, it can’t be both…

Can it???

PS. More Youtube banter:

“google it, google wallstreet jews”

anti jews? are parasitic scum. Google was made by jews.

We Are The Borg… Resistance is Futile…. (plus, some great YouTube banter!)

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Reminds me of this…

Of course, there’s this!

Now, the YouTube Banter:

Anyone else struck by how they took 10+ minutes discussing “how they feel about the idea of letting Lewis speak” when Lewis probably could have said everything he wanted to say in 7?

Good, but this wins the prize!

I would like to say (I would like to say), that these morons (that these morons), should be locked away (should be locked away) in the nuthouse (in the nuthouse) indefinitely (indefinitely). Thank you (Thank you). Please stop repeating everything I say (please? stop saying everything I say). No really! (No really). Stop it! (Stop it.) Arrrgh! (Argggh)

Best (best)…. YouTube (YouTube)… Banter (banter)… Ever (ever)! (!)