Sour Grapes, Grown From Your Own Vineyard!

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So, the unions failed miserably, spectacularly  to get Governor Scott Walker thrown from office. Along with the gloating the GOP’ers have earned, there is much hand wringing going on today on the Democrat side of the isle. Except for my favorite political video of the evening, where the challenger gets slapped in the face for conceding the race, which he did lose, this is probably my favorite video from last night.

The fall-back position is that Walker’s win is not legitimate because he was able to out raise and send Barret something like 4 to 1.  Of course, what the Progressives and Liberals don’t tell you, and themselves ignore, is that the reason that happened was in part due to rules put in place when Democrats ruled the roost as a sure fire way to protect the governor, who was also a Democrat. And the law that created the loophole, which was passed in 1987, was supported by…  Drumroll Please…  State Representative Tom Barrett!  Yes, THAT Tom Barrett!!!!

the loophole allowing unlimited donations benefits only candidates facing possible recall efforts, in this case, Walker. The law was passed in 1987 (and supported by then-state representative Barrett) to level the playing field for incumbents facing recall challenges, who would be otherwise handicapped by Wisconsin’s strict campaign-finance laws. Walker took this small loophole, designed to even the odds when state and local candidates faced an unexpected election, and used it to rake in tens of millions of dollars. Yet this loophole hasn’t necessarily increased the amount of money Walker has received to beat back the recall effort; rather it seems that large donations from millionaires and billionaires such as Sheldon Adelson and Foster Friess, which normally would have been directed to super PACs and third-party groups, have instead gone directly into the campaign’s coffers.

Ah, the irony.

I know they are going to bring up their favorite whipping boy Citizen United. But that is disingenuous to say the least. Before Citizen United, Corporations and other large entities, donating to either party, had plenty of ways to funnel plenty of money into the political system. But here’s the thing that really bugs me. If Citizen United was SOOOO horrible, where was the effort to propose a Constitutional Amendment stripping corporations of their right to donate to political causes???? There wasn’t one. Why? Because Democrats also rely on that same “evil” funding to get elected and re-elected. Citizen United gives the Dems a hammer to pound on the GOP, but they have no problem using the results of that ruling to bolster their own campaign slush funds.

BTW, I would fully support such an amendment, and believe that only flesh and blood people should be allowed to donate to political candidates and causes.