More Journalism FAIL – Taking Quotes WAY Out Of Context.

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This is stunning! If you follow my blog, you will know that I can’t stand it when an interview of a news-maker or candidate is edited to make the person look dumb or out of touch. Conservative radio talk hosts do it all the time. I called foul when Breitbart did it with Sherry Sharrod. I’m no Palin fan, but never-the-less I called foul when the Katy Couric / Sarah Palin interview was chopped to make Palin look as ridiculous as possible.

I can’t stand when quotes are taken out of context, no matter which side of the fence does it.

Well, MSNBC has, it seems, taken the art to a new level! Here is the MSNBC video, making Romney look completely out of touch:

Here is the side by side video of both the MSNBC edited version and the full speech:

As Andrea Mitchell says… It’s Amazing!

I am stunned. This is as bad… No…. Much worse than the Breitbart / Sherrod case. At least with that, even though I never bought it, there was a tiny bit of deniability – that Breitbart may not have had access to the full video when he posted his edited version. MSNBC can make no claims in that regard. And thankfully, the regular press is having none of this either.

On “Amazing”… What should be amazing is that anyone involved with this keeps their jobs. But seing that MSNBC is the mirror image of FOX, I suspect those involved will likely get a raise.

Yeah, MSNBC really screwed up this time.

Meanwhile, execs at CNN are going “Shit, we don’t do anything nearly as horrible… How can we have lower ratings than these guys?”.

And somewhere, out in the wilderness, Keith Olbermann is laughing his head off, going “Jeez, is Andrea Mitchell just stupid? I wouldn’t even have gone there! So glad I don’t work for these buffoons anymore!!!”.