Changing Course, Blog Style.

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As you may have suspected based on my vacation photos, I’ve been on vacation. I was in Gig Harbor Washington visiting my family. And also going places and doing stuff.

What kind of stuff?

Just, um, stuff.

Ha! Keeping my turkeys in suspense.

But seriously, I’m about to go on a bike ride and don’t have time to write about it now. And I don’t feel compelled to write about it. I’m going to concentrate on other things. Things that I couldn’t do while I was out of town. That was a chance to take a break and come back to start anew…. On things that got put aside for the last few months. As my guitaring has steadily improved, I’m about ready to make a second attempt to record my first solo album. I also have a new business idea hatched a month ago that I’ve had no time to pursue, partially because I was concentrating on getting things done to make the trip to Washington possible. This means there will probably be even less blogging than there has been lately. Of course, every time I write that, some incredible bloggy event happens in the world.

I have to prepare for the morning ride to wherever it is we’re riding to. They mate won’t tell me where that is. He is mean! I’ll post an update sometime today.

See you in a while.