Small Gaffe Allert.

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Said by Jim Graves, the Democrat trying to unseat Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann:

“She’s spending millions on ridiculous attacks ads saying I am somehow responsible for TARP, the stimulus bill, the Affordable Care Act,” he says with a laugh. “But I wasn’t in Congress then—I was busy trying to keep my company afloat and make payroll. She was the one in Congress at the time. She’s attacking me as being a big spender, despite the fact that’s the opposite of what I am. I’m a business guy. I’m a spendthrift.

Um… Yer doing it wrong. A “spendthrift” is someone who wastes money and spends it out of control. Let’s face it though, how can a word with thrift on the end of it not be about being thrifty. Stupid English language!