When The Name Doesn’t Represent The Content…. Part 2 *UPDATE* Post Is Void!

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UPDATE – Dan B came to the rescue. Thankfully, he wrote a nice post on the topic, so this post is mute.

So, it’s March 26th, and the Supreme Court hear the arguments for the Prop 8 case concerning the legality and Constitutionality of same sex marriage. Guess which blog that has the name Gay in it has posted four items today, and not one so far deals with the going’s on at the Supreme Court. This isn’t the first time something like this has (not) happened. Now, Cyprus and the banking turmoil over there is an important topic, as it probably spells the beginning, or maybe the middle of the end of the EU, and i do recognize that the folks running that blog are free to write about what they wish. But come on! Even if you are an opponent to same sex marriage, as many of the gay commentors over there are, doesn’t an event concerning the most important and disputed gay issue of the day deserve a post of some sort?

PS. It suddenly occurred to me that, though I often post stuff that concerns music and guitaring and writing music, thus satisfying the “Sonic” part of the “SonicFrog” moniker, I almost never post anything about frogs. Therefore, by my own standard, can I not be labeled a hypocrite?????

Well… OK. Frog News! There you go! Problem solved!!!!


Note: The guys who founded and built the Gay Patriot site, two individuals that I do feel some kinship to despite our differences (we started blogging at about the same time), are no longer much involved with the site.