Solo “Career”… Launched!

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Last night, I played my very first official solo gig!

It was at Tokyo Gardens, the place where my very first band played. I had planned for quite a while, in honor of my first experience there, to lose my artistic virginity at that venue. It was only right and proper to play my first solo outing there.

I played for over an hour. Earlier in the evening, when I was planning the set list, I was surprised with the realization that I actually have almost two hours worth of material, and there is more in the works. How did that happen? I opened with a couple of originals on the 12 string, then went on to play covers and originals on the Taylor 614-CE. I really liked the way my mash-up of Crowded House’s “Pineapple Head” and Toad The Wet Sprocket’s “Walk On The Ocean” turned out. Also, my original song “Something Special” a song that is still evolving, is turning into just that… Something special.

Of course, as is my clumsy self, I did fumble bits of chords and a lyric or two here and there…. I love it when I’m supposed to sing “September, I remember…” but I somehow forget which month I’m supposed to sing, and start saying “June”. But, over all I’m quite pleased with the way things went. It was a great night.

After The Goldrush

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My band Laurel Canyon, performing this Neil Young classic.

Jorge Apsay, the guy in the shades, does an incredible Neil Young style vocal. He’s our secret weapon! Oh, and apparently I didn’t get the memo that I was supposed to wear black!

(with Jorge Apsay, Me , and Jim Rust)